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Responsibility & Integrity Statement

Responsible Gambling, Minors & Vulnerable Persons

Together Gaming aims to be as clear and transparent as possible and will always seek to promote gambling as a mere form of entertainment, and never as a means of guaranteed income or as a method of settling debts.
We will never encourage content targeted at children or that may in some way appeal to children or vulnerable persons.  To this effect, images of persons who look younger than 25 years old will not be used, and an 18+ logo will be clearly visible across all promotional material.  Moreover, we will ensure that promotional material is never exaggerated, and that what is depicted is portrayed in an accurate and factual manner. Responsible gaming messages together with support links to appropriate organisations will always be presented on promotional content.
Where applicable, links to the necessary terms & conditions of any promotions will, at all times, be made readily available to the audience they reach.

Protection of Integrity

​At Together Gaming we have a zero-tolerance approach to money laundering, corruption and fraud.  In order to strengthen our integrity and ensure robust controls are in place, we have effectively implemented policies, risk assessment and monitoring procedures to address and/or prevent any such risks.

Safeguarding Data

​In the course of day-to-day business, Together Gaming collects and processes a vast amount of personal data entrusted to us from our clients and customers.  We recognize the importance of protecting and safeguarding this data and thus seek to ensure that data protection and privacy remain core considerations throughout all business activities.  Together Gaming undergoes annual Information Security audits in line with ISO 27001 standards to ensure the integrity of our practices.
For more information on our approach to the handling of personal data, please refer to Together Gaming’s Privacy Policy.